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First Christian Church PreSchool Riverside

First Christian Church PreSchool Riverside

Preschool - Day care - Nursery School Riverside, CA

To get a head-start on an education, more and more parents are enrolling their childen in preschool. Some parents just require child day care, or infant day care, but many are interested in preparing their child for kindergarten. First Christian Church Nursery School is centrally located in Riverside, and convenient for your child day care needs.

Kids raising thier hands above their heads being taught.

Riverside Day Care - Infant Day Care

First Christian Church Nursery School began in 1962 to provide quality care in a Christian atmosphere. Our ministry to the community is to promote the emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual growth of each child. We do not teach doctrine but promote the faith view that God loves each child. This program is designed so that each child succeeds at his or her own level of endeavor, thus developing a positive attitude toward learning and social interaction.

Chalkboard illustration of children in play area.